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Mobility factory macerate pump FLO300
  • Mobility factory macerate pump FLO300
  • Mobility factory macerate pump FLO300
  • Mobility factory macerate pump FLO300
  • Mobility factory macerate pump FLO300
  • Mobility factory macerate pump FLO300
Mobility factory macerate pump FLO300

Model: FLO300 

Power: 300W 

Max vertical lift: 6m 

Max horizontal lift: 60m

Rated Flow: 100L/M

Voltage: 220-230V

Frequency: 50HZ

Protection Class: IPX4

【Series】:Macerating pump
Install a bathroom anywhere without any big construction!

1. Production Description


(1) What Is a Macerator Toilet?


A macerating toilet helps you solve the problem of transferring waste uphill to the sewer when you install a bathroom in a basement or at the bottom of a slope. It macerates -- grinds -- waste and pumps it under positive pressure to the sewer.


(2) Not Your Regular Gravity-Flush Toilet


Not Your Regular Gravity-Flush Toilet

You can recognize a macerating toilet by the presence of a tank on the floor behind the bowl. The toilet's waste outlet is behind it -- not underneath as it is for conventional toilets -- and it connects to the tank. The tank, which is plugged into a 120-volt ground fault circuit interrupter outlet, contains macerating blades that reduce all solid waste to liquid form. The tank also contains a pump that transfers the waste to the sewer via a much smaller waste pipe than a conventional toilet uses. When you flush a macerating toilet, the sound of the motor tells you that the unit is working.


(3) Watch What You Flush


You use a macerating toilet in the same way you use a conventional, gravity-fed one, but you must be extra vigilant about what you flush. Items such as diapers and tampons can clog the macerating blades, and you won't be able to use the toilet until someone clears them, which is a less-than-appealing job.



If you want, we will invite you come to our factory for look around and check. The container order is very competitive in the market!


2. TECHNICAL DATES:                                                           


Application Sink + Shower + wash machine

Maximum Vertical Pumping 6 m

maximum Horizontal Pumping 60 m

Normal Power Rating 300 W

Input Voltage AC 110V-120V,60HZ / 220-240V, 50HZ

Qmax 100 I/min

Max. Liquid temperature 90 °C

Max. Ambient temperature 40°C

Noise Level 39dBA

Degree of protection IPX4

Net Weight: 4.98 KG


3. Features:                                                                         


It’s only 13 cm deep and the smallest macerator of the world. It’s make low noise and it’s the number one of all macerators. We are the one and only factory in this world that produces this exclusive item of the highs’ standard. 


4.Item details and factory show:

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